Suite No. 1 in G Major, BWV 1007 – J. S. Bach


This was a very first recording that I engineered after I started MP&E (Music Production and Engineering) major. One of my church members, Mrs. Seonghee Jeon, asked me to record Bach’s Cello Suites. The only studio I was able to book was Studio C, which was an overdubbing suite with a small iso booth (AVID System S5). She had a specific church in mind, but I did not have any gears for location recording.

Mrs. Jeon could barely fit in the tiny booth, and we only had 2 hours to setup, record, and tear down. I can’t remember exactly what I used, but I think I used 2 DPA 4006s for room and 1 Shure KSM44 for spot.

(I forgot to take pictures…)