Day One – Storybook

For MP-385(Advanced Recording Techniques) and MP-320 (Creative Production Projects), an engineering student collaborates with a producing student and creates a single. For this recording, I was an engineer, and worked on Storybook’s single called “Day One”. I am not very familiar with rock, but I loved working with Jacob and his band!


These were microphones for drums! I usually go with minimal mic setup but rock was something that I was not too familiar with so I wanted more choices…


B52 and Subkick on the kick.


57 on snare top and 121 on the bottom. They are like peanut butter and jelly!


M160 on hihat.


421s on toms. I like U87s and 414s as well.


M149s for overheads. I put 12dB pads on them because the drummer was hitting the cymbals as hard as he could! He was great though. He broke one of his crashes…


R84 for mono kit.


Guitar 1.


421 and 121.


Guitar 2.


121 and 57.


This is just a short clip during the session.

Overall, it was an amazing experience! I enjoyed working with Jacob (producer) a lot and the whole band. I definitely learned a lot and it’s always worth doing overnight sessions with great musicians.



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