Kurt Sander Liturgy – Patriarch Tikhon Choir

We recorded Kurt Sander’s new Orthodox Liturgy, sung by 26-voice Russian Patriarch Tikhon Choir. Blanton was the producer and John was the recording engineer. We recorded it at the New Gracanica Monastery in Chicago from 8/1-8/5.





Many microphone manufacturers like Schoeps and DPA have slight high boost from 10kHz in order to compensate for the high frequency loss in overhead distant miking application.


The ceiling was over 30 feet high and reverb time was around 4.5 seconds. This church did not sound like traditional churches. Its width was not very wide compared to the height, with more vertical reverb. It sounded more like a cathedral.





The picture above shows the main microphone setup. It is not clearly visible from the picture but there were 9 microphones: 3 MK2s and 3 4006s as mains, 1 Samar stereo ribbon as ambience microphone, and 2 4006s for outriggers.


We recorded it for 5.1 surround, and these were panned to the rear surrounds. John always say for classical surround recordings, “Music in the front, space in the back” because that is how audience are used to listening to classical orchestras, choirs, etc.


The Samar was positioned a few feet behind the MK2s and 4006s because the VL373A is a velocity microphone and picks up more direct sounds than reflections.


The gains were almost all identical for all the mics except for the Samar. Because it is a ribbon, it needs significantly higher gain (MK2s and 4006s – 0dB, VL373A – 48dB).


Control room setup. 5 B&W 805 Series 1s. Power amp was a 7-channel power amplifier M27 made by NAD Electronics.

The average listening level was about 80dB (65-91dB).

This will be released in March of 2018. Here is a short audio clip during the recording session (recorded with iPhone).


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