CWP Big Band Recording Sessions

This was a recording session I engineered for one of the Contemporary Writing and Production (CWP) major students. I think this class is called Writing for Big Band. Students pick a song, arrange it, and record it!

About 20 students come in, 1 at a time, and everyone gets roughly 15 minute of recording time. They go into the live room, hand out their charts, rehearse once, record, and done! All the musicians were sight-reading so the recordings weren’t perfect but I did many of these sessions to experiment different microphone techniques.

While I was in Chicago with John and Blanton, we were on the way to church on the first day and we were talking about recording big bands. He said he would let me borrow Schoeps BLM mics, and told me to put them right above the main LCR microphones to hear what reflections do to the sound. So that’s what I tried!


I used 4006s for LCR, and put BLMs right above the L/Rs. I used zip ties to hang them on the ceiling.


This was how the band was arranged. One thing that the professor asked was no headphones, and everyone should be able to see each other. So as you can see in the picture above, there was no isolation at all.

And you can hear the results below. They are only 30 seconds long but the first one is only the BLM mics without any processing. The second clip is the mix.


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