Complilations – Noah Yoon


Noah wanted to record a Chopin Ballade, so I booked a studio and did it!

There was a pair of 4011s on the piano in ORTF, MK2s close-miked low and high, 4006s as a main pair, and Sanken 100ks for ambience mics. I was borrowing Schoeps BLM mics from John, so I just tried put them on the floor and wanted to know how it sounded like!


As you can see, MK2s are miked close to the strings. I tried to capture more definition through them, and it worked well!

4011s in ORTF sounded good too. More muddy? but in a good way!

You can’t see from the picture but 4006s in AB array are a few feet behind the 4011s. I think it was because of the room, but they did not sound too good.

There are acoustic panels around the walls in this studio, and you can switch them according to the sound you want. One side is reflective wood, and the other side is absorptive cushion. I flipped everything to wood side, so that it could sound like a small room/hall and more appropriate for a classical recording. To be honest, I did not like the room that much. I did not use the 100Ks and BLMs in the mix at all.


As you can see, there is U47 that I used for a vocal mic because he wanted to record a cover of a musical song.

Anyway, it was a quick session, and got it done…

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